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There’s no question that quitting smoking is tough. When facing the trials and tribulations of everyday life, resisting the urge to light up at the end of a busy day is not easy, but the benefits to your health and lifestyle really do make it worthwhile. At our shop and website we aim to assist you in your efforts by providing an unrivalled range of the best electronic cigarettes, Eliquid and Ecig kits on the market. Despite our excellent quality products, you’ll only find affordable, good value prices.

Whichever incentive has drawn you towards trying electronic cigarettes, why not browse through our site to create the most personalised set of cigarettes, ELiquid and accessories and begin to enjoy the changes to your wellbeing, appearance and happiness. You’re also likely to save yourself a significant amount of money along the way!

There are numerous health benefits to giving up smoking. As well as significantly reducing the risk of serious health problems, you may also see a really positive impact on your breathing and energy levels. Using an electronic cigarette allows you to avoid the adverse health effects of traditional tobacco smoking, whilst still enjoying the physical sensation, appearance and even taste of a normal cigarette.


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With more than two thirds of current smokers reportedly keen to quit the unhealthy habit, many are turning towards the more health and purse friendly option of e cigs. As such a cheaper alternative amongst endless other benefits, why have more not switched to this way of thinking? Well actually more and more people have begun to make the transition but what appears to be holding some back is a lack of knowledge. Most people simply aren’t aware of all the different options available to them. At, we offer the best range of liquids, accessories, atomisers chargers and of course ecig kits, with help and advice available on all the finer details! Our e cig kits vary in size and are suitable for a range of budgets making them perfect for both the most dedicated of users and those still a bit wary of the change.